Source Code Reverse Engineering using Doxygen,GraphViz DOT & TeX

We can use Doxygen with GraphViz's DOT to REVERSE ENGINEER existing C++ Codebase. It will help us to understand the existing SSO Codebase better !!!

You need the following Software Tools to generate C lass Diagrams & Call Graphs from C++


1. Doxygen - Documetation Generation Tool

2. Miktex - is an up-to-date TeX implementation for the Windows operating system.

3. GraphViz's Dot - Graph Visualization Software

Procedure to create Class Diagrams:

1. Install all above Software

2. Create Doxygen Configuration File using "Doxygen –g" command … It creates a configuration file named "Doxyfile"

3. Modify "Doxyfile" Settings
a. HAVE_DOT = Yes
b. DOT_PATH = " Your DOT.exe Path" (Only till directory , excluding dot.exe)

How to generate Documentation:

Till the time you have Doxygen style Comments(ex:///), You can not generate any documentation with Doxygen.

"doxywizard.exe" is the GUI tool for generating Doxygen based Documentation.

"doxygen" is commandline tool.

From GUI:
Once Doxyfile is generated, load this doxyfile & select the Project Folder then Click on "Start" Button.

From Commandline:
Once Doxyfile is generated, use the command below to generate documentation (As doxygen path will be in present in Path variable, you can RUN it from anywhere).

Command : doxygen [configName]


Miktex Download Website -

Doxygen Website -

GraphViz Tool Download -

Doxygen & GraphViz Dot Integration -

Happy Reverse Engineering your Code !!!