SAAS(Software as a Service) WebServices

Web services
are software systems designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network. This interoperability is gained through a set of XML-based open standards, such as WSDL, SOAP, and UDDI. These standards provide a common approach for defining, publishing, and using web services.

Web Services is an emerging technology that provides machine-to-machine interaction over a network using an XML based protocol called SOAP. Web Services are an important building block of a Service Oriented Architecture or SOA. SOAP is analagous to Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) or Remote Method Invocation (RMI) which also can be used in a SOA. Alternatively, SOAP can use a "document-style" for its calls; this minimizes the need to call the service multiple times for most requests.

Interfaces available through a SOAP based Web Service are generally described using the Web Services Description Language (WSDL). Location of WSDL files are often times indexed in a UDDI server, although UDDI never became a critical part of web services deployments. In recent years, UDDI's role as a directory of services has been superceded by Web Service Brokers, which provide a single access point to multiple services while providing functions common to most services such as caching, logging, security, and high availability (failover/clustering). Synapse from the Apache Foundation provides one such broker.

SOAP and Web services, broadly speaking, are not restricted to using HTTP for transport. Many SOAP libraries include support for SOAP over SMTP (via email), XMPP (instant messaging protocol), and other transports. Support for alternate transports is something to consider when implementing SOAP-based services.

A useful web service is one that exposes information through a generic interface that is intended for multiple consumers. The better designed your web service, the more useful it becomes for the consumers of that web service.

gSoap can be used to develop C++ based WebServices ... It provideds C++ to XML binding.

Apache Axis can be used to develop JAVA based WebServices.

SoapUI tool can be used for WebServices Unit Testing.

Wireshark tool can be used to sniffer Soap/XML Packets.

Fiddler tool can be used to intercept HTTP Headers.


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