Mobile Wireless Development

1. Microsoft Wireless LAN API

Installing this set of application programming interfaces (APIs) will enable you to create applications that can manage wireless LAN profiles and connectivity on Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2) using the native wireless functionality in Windows, called Wireless Zero Configuration (WZC) service.

wlanapi -

2. Moblin

Intel has a new mobile Linux project dubbed Moblin.

It includes a Linux kernel, a framework for a user interface, a browser, a multimedia framework, and embedded image creation tools, along with developer resources.
Sounds great until you realize there are a ton of other, similar frameworks under development. Nokia backs Maemo, Trolltech has Qtopia, and you'll remember we profiled OpenMoko just a week ago.

Intel Open source Software -

3. Intel Mobile Platform Software Development Kit

Mobile Platform Software Development Kit 1.3 – Open Source Project for Windows and Linux
The Mobile Platform SDK for Moblin UMPC and Atom-based devices is covered by the BSD license. The Mobile Platform SDK is designed for developers who want a cross-platform, cross-OS solution.


4. Devicescape

Devicescape enables mobile wireless devices to connect to any supported Wi-Fi hotspot or municipal network. Once the device and the network are set up from the Devicescape web site, connecting is automatic.

The Devicescape client and service allows, with minimal configuration:
• VoIP phone use at hotspots.
• Network login and authentication from small, limited-interface devices (using 802.1X).
• Automatic network login from notebook computers.

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