HTTP & Servlet Debugging Tools

FireFox Plugin/Add On for HHTP Debugging - Tamper Data

Internet Explorer(IE) Plugin for HHTP Debugging - Fiddler

Servlet & JSP Debugging from Tomcat - Sysdeo Plugn & lomboz plugin

To debug Tomcat Servlets from Eclipse, we can use Sysdeo Tomcat Plugin ( where we have to launch Tomcat with in Eclipse IDE )
1. Install Sysdeo Tomcat Plugin

2. Put Break Points in Servlet

3. Run Tomcat from IDE which breaks ...

Eclipse Short Cuts:
1. Control+Space to get Intellisense

2. We can generate Setters & Getters for Member Variables by right clicking on variable in the IDE , Goto Source & Select Setters & Getters

3. For adding the Servlet Jars => Goto Project properties -> Java BuildPath -> Libraries Tab -> Add all Servlet Jar files which are part of Tomcat Lib folder.

Sysdeo Eclipse Tomcat Plugin -

Process of integrating sysdeo plugin with Eclipse -