Career Advice Quotes

Quotes from some of my Colleagues which are very inspiring:

1. If you get comfortable in your job, change jobs. Do things you have never done before. Risk to the point that you make a few mistakes; just don't make the same one twice.

2. If Madonna can do it, so can you ; Constantly reinvent yourself, have fun, stay fresh, and keep learning.

3. Once you know "what you love to do and what gets you excited about going to work," "it is your responsibility to build it into any role that fits you".

4. Networking with others to better understand their jobs or roles which will help you to understand the Big Picture better. Networks are critical. We make decisions in the corridors, and helping others in different parts of the company comes back to help you tenfold over time.

5 Make it a point early on to interact and meet as many people as You can across teams, groups, and divisions. It is important to also try to learn and understand their business, work, and challenges.

6. Enjoying your day-to-day job, and being flexible to environmental changes is a recipe for success.