It’s all about our Attitude ... The Choices we make !

In situations in which we may have no positional authority - we're not the leader, we don't have all the information, we can't make the decisions, we aren't in control - we still have power: the power to influence our own experience and, sometimes, the experiences of others. It might even help solve the problem. What's important is to remember that it's always a choice.

Someone on your team is consistently unprepared at meetings. You're not the leader so you can't declare it unacceptable. What do you do? You could complain to others or roll your eyes or try to ignore it. Or you could hold him/her: partner with him on a project, offer to prepare with him, or share ideas before the next meeting.

One of your colleagues is overworked, stressed, seemingly unproductive, and making your team look bad. On top of that, he's constantly complaining about how much harder her job is than yours. Annoying right? You'd be justified in gossiping about her or simply letting her fail. But what if you offered to help? Maybe even stayed late one night working with him?

Your company comes out with a new technology initiative that seems to make everyone's lives more complicated. Yet they say it's necessary. It's so easy to complain about it. Or to nod along with others when they complain about it. But what if you learned enough about it to help the people who were struggling with it?

Remember, the choices we make today shape our future tomorrow … We are only as good as the choices we make.

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