Take the Ownership of your career … Face mid-life crisis with Confidence

A person’s job is the expression of his/her worth to the society. If he loses his job, he lost his worth. A man without a job is a man without Self-Identity. People start making him feel like “Mr.Zero”. It’s difficult to meet new people as most of the talk centers around “What you do” as an identification of “Who you are”.

Stop acting like a victim RIGHT NOW! Take charge of your fate.

Steps to take to ensure your career future:

1. Do not tie your career to any single job or company. “Develop a portfolio of skills and experience that will add value to the core business of your company or any interesting job”.

2. Fight the stereotype. Show your employer at every opportunity how valuable you are for the organization.

3. Keep networking with more and more people. It’s not the machines that run this world, it’s the people!

A man is as old as he thinks he is. Some men are very old at thirty-five because they lost their reason for living. They feel that they have nothing more to contribute to life. Other men are extremely productive at sixty-five because they believe they have a contribution to make. The key is the need to feel important.

We just need to shift gears as we move. We need to learn to shift the roles as we continue our odyssey of life. With tears in his eyes a father said to me “My children do not need me anymore”. His children were married, and they did need him. He thought because they did not need his food and shelter anymore that they did not need him. But they needed him to the point the way, to give counsel and wisdom, to help them navigate emotional and spiritual stresses throughout their lives. But all that he needed to do is to shift the roles from being a director of their lives to being the counseling friend and coach. He did ! And he found a continuing place of strategic importance to his children’s lives as they moved from being adolescents to young adults.


“Men in Midlife Crisis” By Jim Conway