Visualize Success - The Key to Success

A goal envisioned is a goal half completed. Creating a vision before starting out on your journey creates a real destination in your mind, which is infinitely preferable to just wandering off in the general direction of whatever it is you want and hoping you end up somewhere acceptable. The stronger and more realistically detailed you make your visualizations, the better chance you have of succeeding.

Play a movie in your head of you achieving your big goal. Sounds easy, Here are the steps you have to take -

1. Know exactly what you want. A defined, very specific goal. Not "start a company" but "open a dog-grooming business in Portland."

2. Know exactly what reaching the goal will look like the steps leading up to the achievement. If your goal is to win a Nobel Prize, you need to imagine yourself making the great discovery.

3. Organize your life around your goal so that you can play your movie in your head before you go to bed and immediately when you get up. This means you need to get to some sort of meditative point where you can sit still, for maybe ten minutes, while you play your movie in your head.

4. Find optimism. Lots of it. Because you have to believe in yourself enough that you will actually do this exercise every day until you reach your dream.

A Scenario:

Health, success, money, promotion and possessions can be gained through creative visualization. It does not mean that everything will change overnight. Mental work is necessary. A change of attitude towards life is a necessity. You need an open mind, concentration, the ability to visualize, and a lot of enthusiasm and persistence.

Suppose you need five thousand dollars. Build in your imagination a mental image of a check for this amount, made out in your name. See it clearly as if it is really there, but do not visualize the name of the bank, or who signed it.

Imagine yourself holding the check. Pass your fingers over it to feel its texture. A clear cut mental image, involving all the five senses, and soaked with desire and faith is a power that influences your actions and imprints itself on the creative power of the universe.

Arouse in yourself feelings of happiness and satisfaction that you have received this check. Do not think who gave it to you, or why it was drawn in your name.

Imagining that you have already received the check is very important. This way the subconscious mind accepts it as a fact and does not arouse hindrances. It is also important to feel convinced that it came in a harmonious way, and that all people involved were and are benefited by it.

The next step is to see yourself depositing the check in your account at the bank. You may also visualize the entry for five thousand dollars in your bank's statement.

What will happen? The money will appear in your life. It may come through various channels. It may come as a present, winning at the lottery, a promotion at work, a new job, a good investment in shares or stocks, or through other channels. Results may be immediate or delayed.


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