What Alienates Top Performers

Top performers genuinely accept the idea that success is a journey, not a destination.

Success is not an accident, and is not restricted to only those who possess exceptional intelligence. Success is the result of deciding exactly what your goals are, and then focusing your actions so that you consistently move in the direction of those goals. That seems simple enough, and it is.The problem arises in the obstacles one encounters as they pursue their goals. What Top performers mastered is the ability to act in a paradoxical manner; that is, they possess seemingly contradictory psychological and behavioral traits. However, the good news for anyone aspiring “to something better” is that top performers are made, not born.

Top performers will, as Stephan Covey advises, “begin with the end in mind”. That is, create a picture of your desired future, then build and pursue your goals around that image. This is the key to the persistence and endurance of goal pursuit seen in top performers.

Top performers will, Take personal responsibility for making things happen; know the payoffs of each of their activities; build relationships in advance of needing them; have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge of their industry and sector; Focuses on “Explain” Strategy than “Attack” strategy for Conflict resolution and most important like to smile.

Top performers are able to recognize when they have gathered all the relevant information possible, and they avoid “analysis paralysis.” That is, they recognize that there are always going to be some unknowns in confronting a challenge and making decisions. The person who waits for the perfect solution with no risk and no unknown factors will wait a lifetime. Top performers are able to recognize when the information gathering process is producing diminishing returns for the effort expended. It is then that he or she must make a decision

10 psychological and behavioral traits of a Top Performer:

  1. Top performers have developed the habit of positive thinking, while at the same time retaining the capability of recognizing the limitations and reality of every challenge and opportunity

  1. To be a top performer, you must be persistent in your efforts to achieve your goals, yet flexible in your thinking as you pursue these goals.

  1. Top performers take the time to get the facts, but at the same time they are action oriented.

  1. Top performers must take risks, but they are not gamblers.

  1. Top performers have high levels of self-confidence, but seek the assistance of experts whenever available.

  1. Top performers do not follow the crowd, but they recognize the advantages of utilizing existing successful systems whenever possible

  1. Top performers let emotions and intuition guide them, but avoid making strictly emotional decisions.

  1. Top performers constantly challenge themselves and push the limits of their experience and skills, but use their current interests and skills as a starting point for setting their goals.

  1. Top Performers are ethical and operate from a solid personal foundation, yet are aggressive and proactive in the pursuit of their goals.

  1. Top performers pursue their business goals consistently and with zeal yet they recognize the long-term value of being able to live balanced lives that will ultimately prevent stagnation and burnout.


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