The traits of global leader of the future

The traits of global leader of the future:

· Ethics

· Honesty

· Transparency

· Integrity

· Humility

· Respect

· Flexibility

· Collaboration

So what does it mean to show RESPECT as a leader?

R = Relationships. Have you taken the time to cultivate a relationship, based on mutual respect and support?

E = Everyone counts, no matter who they are, at any level in the organization.

S = Support your employees.

P = Please and thank-you.

E = Encourage every employee to grow and develop, in order to reach their full potential.

C = Care. That’s right, care about your employees (some would say love them, although that sounds a bit extreme for me).

T = Treat people how they want to be treated (the platinum rule), not how you want to be treated (the golden rule).


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